Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love is in the air….

Valentines Day is fast approaching and it seems everywhere we look there is a sea of red, we're bombarded with suggestions of presents, chocolates, champagne,  getaways, the perfect Valentines restaurant for the most romantic of dinners… we thought we'd pick out for you a few of our favourites and some of those gifts which caught our eye and may offer a little inspiration to any Valentine who needs a bit of inspiration.

For the proposal?  We think this gift is probably one of the most romantic gestures we've heard about for a long time.  It's called Song For Your Loved One and is a touchingly unique gift idea written and crafted by the hugely talented Lotte Mullan, who's music has featured in Ridley Scott films and is often played on BBCR2.  All you need to do is give Lotte some background information on the recipient from which to draw her inspiration and she will pen the most beautiful lyrics set to a stunning piece of music…now, who's not going to say 'yes' to that!

This caught our eye for the style savvy Valentine, Lilou et Loic has a collection of stunning home, bath & body products; handblown glass decanters of Body Butter, Bath Foam or Bath Salts that will sit statuesquely on any bathroom shelf or how about a beautiful Emperor Candle with a burn time of 300hrs (yes 300hrs), all with heavenly scents that will seduce and woo any Valentine.  Here's what we'd earmark. the Bath Foam & Body Butter gift set £136...

Roses, not a cliche on the 14the February, or an unimaginative gift but a tradition that has always and will always be the one that is guaranteed to raise the biggest smile and ensure that Valentines Day goes smoothy, signifying love and romance we think they should really be obligatory….and why just on Valentines Day?  Never underestimate the power of the flower.  Delivery some love to someone you love.  After much research the ones we think will do the trick are from Roses Only London.  They come in a metre long box embossed with their distinctive logo, nestled in a bed of soft tissue, with a beautiful ribbon tied neatly around the middle of the box.  The ultimate in roses.  Oh, did we forget to say that you can team your box of roses with a bottle of the finest vintage bubbles from Veuve Clicquot or Moet & Chandon….! Prices start at £89.

Mwaaaah! Lulu Guiness is known for her quirky and humourous accessories and handbags….we LOVE this shocking pink perspex lips clutch!  How cute??  It's £245, so you'll have to promise to be a very good girl ALL year if you're lucky enough to get one.

Hope you like our little round up….and we hope you have a lovely February 14.