Friday, 2 January 2015

Make using Face Matters the New Year resolution you don't break.

Christmas is over, we've celebrated, drunk, eaten, had later than usual nights.  We've seen in the new year with friends and family and made a list (as usual) as long as our arm of resolutions that we PROMISE we will keep!   Some of these may already have been broken.  BUT if there is one thing you should try to do this year that is look after your skin as well as you can and here's where Face Matters can help.

During the winter months our skin tends to get drier, more dehydrated, and easily irritated.  It may produce less sebum and lose moisture due to changes in the weather and also the drying nature of heaters.  Our 5 time-friendly anti-ageing skincare range is your one-stop collection offering all the protection your skin needs.  The principal ingredient is pure organic silicon rich in collagen and super active botanicals that helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  This is derived from one of the earth´s most abundant minerals.   Organic silicon really is a miracle mineral.

We understand that nowadays many of us don't have the luxury of timely extensive beauty regimes, and it’s not all about the newest, man-made ingredients either, it is about collagen, the natural protein in our skin which is responsible for elasticity and youthfulness. The younger we are, the more we have, but as we age our collagen levels decline and it is then that wrinkles and imperfections begin to appear.

During the winter months you may need to adjust your skin care routine.  We all function better in our busy daily lives with some routine, so why not do the same with your skincare?

Start the week with a mask.  Our 24/7 Balm will offer a super restorative treatment if applied and left overnight, you will wake with baby soft skin.  Don’t just stop at the face, massage it into cuticles, onto heels, elbows and lips, it evens moistens our hair’s dry ends.

To use this product as a cleanser, warm a small amount in palm of hand, massage over face and neck for 1-2 minutes and rinse with warm water to emulsify.  Skin will feel cleansed, incredibly soft and look radiant. 

It even works as an exfoliator at least once a week using the 24/7 Balm simply apply as before but remove either with a damp muslin cloth or facial loofah.  Oil-based products are fantastic for cleansing as they remove all the dirt but don’t strip the skin – this is even more important as we age.  By doing this on a weekly basis skin will have constant benefits and you’ll see it in your face quicker than you could ever imagine.

There you have it, our 24/7 Balm is truly multi-functional, multi-tasking and anti-ageing, including of course the blend of pure mineral collagen. 

Start and finish each day with the AnytimeCleanser a seriously effective-yet-gentle foaming cleanser.  The surface of your skin will be left feeling revitalised, without any tautness.  Contains blends of aloe, argan and pure organic mineral collagen.

Follow this with the All Day Spritz.  Dab on with the ends of your fingers, then smooth over the face and neck, re-spritz during the day as and when skin begins to feel fatigued and to revitalise the complexion.  The skin quickly starts to show a healthier tone and texture and will look fresher, smoother and much firmer. 

Our Morning Moisturiser is light and soothing and compliments the other products in the range perfectly.  It envelops the skin in comfort and enhances natural hydration.  Rich in beta-carotene, Essential Fatty Acids, oleic and linoleic acids, plus skin-loving vitamins A and E, phytic acid vitamin B complex to stimulate cell regeneration. 

Most brands have a 'hero' product in their collection and ours is the Evening Elixir.  Apply a few drops into your hand after cleansing and moisturising day and night and massage into the skin.  The results will be clear for all to see.  With a potent blend of botanical ingredients, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids (essential for the retention and enhancement of skin moisture), Vitamin A (to aid cell regeneration) and GLA it will revitalise and restore ageing skin, plus pure organic mineral collagen.

We have also added Rose oil (to refine the skin’s texture because it is rich in mineral and antioxidants) and Jasmine, which helps to soothe and soften lines and wrinkles.
Finally a delicate floral fragrance helps to lower the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Feel your best and you'll be your best.