Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's Chocolate Week this week! Go on spoil yourself….just a little nibble.

Normally on our blog we like to talk to you and share with you all things beauty, skincare and well-being related but this caught our eye and we simply couldn't ignore it….Chocolate Week!  And as we all know chocolate makes us feel great, so in fact we are not steering too far away from our norm it's definitely fits under the 'well-being' umbrella.
Before we start on the edible chocolate treats that are in store for you this week, who's had a chocolate facial?  The cocoa bean is your skin's friend, forget the old wives tales that chocolate gives us spots, good quality cocoa has been used in facials, wraps and pedicures for years, it contains antioxidants and anti-ageing properties.  You'll look good enough to eat!  We found some stunning chocolate beauty products including Finest Chocolate Cleanser from  Karin Herzog.
 You may or may not be aware but every year around the 2nd week in October is Chocolate Week and surely it must win the prize as the nations favourite themed week?  It's been going now for 10 years and each year it grows from strength to strength.
There are hundreds of events up and down the country at various hotels, chocolate shops, cafes, bars, restaurants - giving talks, demonstrations, sampling and lots more, so many ways for you to get your paws on our favourite sweet treat!
We rather liked the sound of what's going on at London's Cafe Royal - Celtic Scallop Ceviche with orange and cocoa nibs (£14) anyone?  Or maybe Carpaccio of Venison, chocolate marshmallows and parmesan (£14), and not forgetting the Cocoa Chipotle Salsa and Crispy Fajitas (£10), each dish has a nod to chocolate
You can also try one of their delicious 'choc-tails'….Pearfect and Gold Whisper (£13) designed by the hotel's mixology team - thats a job we wouldn't say no to!
There's loads more going on in the Capital and around the country, for a full line up check out the Chocolate Week Website
We'll let you know all about the Chocolate Show this weekend - tickets already bought! x