Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Summer's just about here

Easter and the 2 May Bank Holidays are but a distant memory, now we can focus firmly on The Season and all the fabulous events that it entails; from polo, to racing, tennis and rowing, picnic baskets are being dusted off as we speak!  To help you decide where you’ll be treading in the divets or clapping excitedly from the sidelines, we’ve put together a calendar of some of our favourites:
Chesterton Humberts Polo in the Park (6th-8th June)
It just wouldn’t be summer without Pimms, picnics and pretty dresses at the various polo matches, the first notable one being Polo in the Park.  The popular event takes place in the stunning surroundings of Fulham’s Hurlingham Club. Most guests make a beeline for the Pommery Champagne Garden, which is located in one of the sunniest spots and offers a great view of the action.

Cartier Queen’s Cup 2014 (15th June)
This is Cartier's third year of sponsorship of The Cartier Queen's Cup and this leading jewellery brand will again bring their unique blend of glamour, style and elegance to this world-famous, high-goal polo competition. In addition this luxury brand will be celebrating three decades of polo sponsorship - making Cartier the biggest global supporter of the sport in the world. 

Aegon Championships at Queen’s Club (9th – 15th June)
This event has been staged at The Queen’s Club for more than a century and the grass courts have been described as “the best in the world” by former champions Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt.
Can the current title-holder Andy Murray do it again?  Murray, who completed the Aegon Championships-Wimbledon double in 2013, has already confirmed that he will return this year.  We can already hear cheers of ‘Come on Andy’….
No doubt for our fashion and style fix we’ll see the stalwart of Queens Pippa Middleton in the stands on most days as usual.

Royal Ascot (17th -21st June)
As they say themselves, Ascot brings you excitement, pageantry, style and fashion and the best horse racing in the world. It is Great British Drama and an example Great British sport at its best.  This premier racing fixture is not to be missed and gives both ladies and gentleman the opportunity to dress up in their finest formal attire. Aside from watching some of the best flat racing in the world, the spectacular hats will also provide entertainment. Stick with tradition and enjoy a picnic in the car park, before venturing to the Royal Enclosure where you will find a plethora of champagne bars.

Wimbledon (23rd June – 6th July)
After such an amazing year for Andy Murray in 2013 after finally winning the tournament, this quintessential British event needs very little introduction. This is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is also considered by many players to be one of the most prestigious titles to win. Celebrities and dignitaries flock to the event from around the world.   It lasts for two weeks, which means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the action and to get stuck into the strawberries and cream! 

Henley Royal Regatta (2nd-6th July)
Henley Royal Regatta is a perfect excuse to escape London for the day and step into the pretty British countryside. This age-old rowing event takes place every year on the banks of the River Thames next to Henley-on-Thames. It is a hugely popular social occasion.  So….striped blazers and summer frocks at the ready, paired with copious amount of Pimms, champagne and strawberries and you’re just about ready!  This event has a real party atmosphere from morning till night, with a choice of fashionable pop-up bars to visit that decamp from London each year.

Glorious Goodwood
29th July – 2nd August 2014
This stunning racecourse set on the South Downs in the grounds of Lord March’s Goodwood House is awash with colour.  A vibrant sea of Panamas, (and yes more) Pimm's and panache. The scene is set for the world's greatest horses and jockeys to do battle as they strive for top honours at our iconic Festival meeting.
Fashion, high society and horse racing all come together for five enthralling days.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Essential Spring Juicing Ingredients

The craze for juicing is still going strong, whether you choose to do a regular detox or include a juice in your daily diet, there is no denying that it has an impressive list of health, well-being and dietary benefits and there are so many different juicers, juicing recipe books and experts that we can refer to in our quest to find the find a mix that you enjoy and that works for you.  We’ve had a good look around and found some essential ingredients that you should try to include in your juicing and explained why:

1. Strawberries – to start with they taste delicious, and feel like spring, they're rich in vitamin c, high in antioxidants and are excellent for skin health and beauty.

2. Arugula - Very cleansing, high in chlorophyll, great for bone building and mental sharpness.  And lettuce in general is a "brimming with micronutrients, super hydrating and very cleansing," she says. "They're wonderful in blends and juices because they add a light fresh taste.

3. Lemon - Never leave this citrus out the mix.  We all know that lemon squeezed in warm water is the perfect way to start each and every day - it’s a great liver cleanser.  But it's also important to add to your juice, too.  Although acidic in taste, lemon is very alkaline when taken into the body.

4. Avocado - Rich in good fat, and an amazing support for the body’s detox and nourishment, plus it's also a great source of glutathione (helps to block carcinogens while aiding the liver in its detox). And due to its consistency it adds creaminess to any blend.

5. Kale and Spinach - There's a reason kale is laced into nearly every juice joint concoction…..It’s high in fibre so it's great for digestion and is loaded with nutrients including, calcium, magnesium, and iron (kale has more iron than red meat!).   It's also high in vitamin K, touted for cancer-fighting and bone health properties, as well as prevention of blood clots, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.  It is also known to promote cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol levels, boost immunity, promote metabolic function, and aid in liver detoxification – a true super-food if ever there was one!
Spinach - the other popular leafy green, it's not only "antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, bone healthy and just all around so healthy for you.

6. Chia – A great way to add some heft to a juice.  Another modern super-food that really should be found in everyone’s kitchen cupboard.   Chia seeds are an amazing source of soluble fibre, omega 3, and protein.

7. Basil and Parsley - Antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, bone healthy and so healthy for you, basil is a great source of vitamin A, which helps to prevent the cells from damage by free radicals and is rich in an array of flavonoids which help to protect cells and chromosomes from damage. Basil also contains potent natural anti-inflammatory compounds, antibacterial properties, and has a whole host of antioxidants that boost the immune system.
Parsley - Helps clean the colon which is often the source of bad breath…. also rich in chlorophyll which helps clean our blood and eating a few sprigs isn’t going to do the trick—but to reap the rewards of this plant you ideally need to juice a half a bunch.

8. Cabbage – Pretty new to juicing, but so good for the digestive system— if you have a sensitive or upset stomach, juicing cabbage will help.  However, as it has a slightly bitter taste —just juice about a quarter head of cabbage for a few ounces with in equal parts carrot. Juicing red cabbage over green as it has more vitamin C and phytonutrients. 

9. Carrots - have important nutrients such as vitamin c and a, both vitamins that assist our bodies to maintain a strong vision, teeth, bones and skin too.  Plus, they add sweetness, which is great when doing an all veggie juice. Try ¼ red cabbage, four oranges and carrots with their tops and two apples.

10. Turmeric – An amazing anti-inflammatory so great when you have sore muscles after a workout and it's also been given some credit in research for being used against Alzheimer’s.  A little goes a long way thought, don’t over do it, you only need a pinch.